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 Cheese Platters: a growing trend in Karachi

The introduction of artisanal cheese in Karachi just a few years ago generated an interest in grazing/charcuterie boards and cheese platters. Artisanal cheese is something that can be consumed on its own or if- paired with fruit, nuts, jams and crackers can turn the experience into an occasion. While some people started creating their own cheese platters to entertain guests, others found it to be the perfect gift-giving item for loved ones.

With this in mind, growing cheese-lovers in the city have led to small local businesses that craft cheese platters/ charcuterie boards to cater to them. In our experience, since we started selling cheese almost 7 years ago, the growth of cheese platters took off especially during the lockdown which is when (we believe) people really started appreciating them and craving something different. 

These platter businesses have surely been doing a remarkable job with their beautifully curated boards. One such company known as “The Art Of Cheese” really makes cheese look like an art form! We spoke to Rabia Paracha, the talent behind this venture, on her personal experience of entering the cheese platter market; “Since forever, I have been so fond of mixing up flavours and trying different things out, but I'm going to be honest, I never saw myself creating platters,” she said.

She explained her interest further, “I reckon its fair to say that my father in law pushed me in this direction and since then I’ve been introduced to a whole new level of different flavours. Initially, when I started off I would use a mixture of imported and local cheeses but surprisingly people loved more of our local ones (specifically Karacheese) and that was it, I stopped using imported ones, switched to our local cheeses.”

We further asked the team at Indulgence if the aesthetics of cheese platters is a factor that has led to their growing popularity to which they expressed, “These days cheese platters have become the rage. While aesthetics definitely matter and presentation is key, we feel what’s offered with the cheese has to compliment it,”  

The fact of the matter is that people don’t look at the platters as decoration pieces. They continued, “Otherwise the purpose of the cheese platter is defeated. If dips and cheese as a combo don’t taste good, then people will not just be appealed by the aesthetics.”


The guys at Platter Planet, another company that makes gorgeous platters of cheese, meat and sandwiches, feel cheese platters should arouse all of the senses, “We think aesthetics and pairing both play a significant part for cheese boards. Food is always first consumed by the eyes, then smelled by the nose and finally tasted! and each of these senses need to be catered to.” 

We believe that cheese-platters are a great addition to the world of food arrangements that have allowed people to have a catch-up while nibbling  and to consume  a guilt-free, healthier assortment of food rather than the processed stuff we’ve been used to. Rabia expressed how impressed she is with our response to the trend, “Never thought Pakistanis could be this good at producing something that seemed like a ‘foreign concept’ but hey, Pakistanis are so hardworking they made it happen.” 

The people of Platter Planet however, feel that a lot of work is still to be done, “There is an absolute dearth of quality cheese boards in Karachi,” they said, before adding that the search for quality cheese boards in the city led them to creating some of their own! They further added that a lot needs to be done to quench the appetite of people that are growing to love quality cheese and cheese boards.  

We’re intrigued to see what lies ahead for cheese-platters in Pakistan and how long this trend will linger on for- is it here to stay? One thing is for sure, the few cheese-platter craftspeople that have entered this field in Karachi are inspiringly passionate and talented individuals and have introduced this trend into our market in the best way! 

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